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‘Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.’

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Recording is serious fun! Whether it’s in digital form or on a full analog basis, being able to make a record that stands out is what truly counts at The Analog Playground. In this day and age the computer has become the main tool for music production. The Analog Playground was therefore brought to life by Huib Schouten to facilitate the option to record and mix straight to Console and tape. Having a background in analog recording from living and working in Nashville (TN), Huib, who is the founder of T.A.P. is running a full analog mixing facility that utilises a D&R Avalon Mixing desk combined with a Studer A80 tape machine and various state of the art outboard gear. The Analog Playground Studio is located at the iconic ‘Wisseloord Studios’ complex in Hilversum. For meetings come visit our office in the center of Amsterdam, make an appointment here: Contact

Recording gear at The Analog Playground

D&R Avalon Console (1990)
At The Analog Playground we have a D&R Avalon console in mint condition which we use to mix our records. This console is modified to work seamlessly with the Studer Tape Machine to create that vintage sound we used to love.
Studer A80 MkII 2 Inch tape machine (1976)
Rolling tape gives a great feeling. Touching the physical product on which the recording will be printed gives a funny sensation. Come test it for yourself!
Extensive guidance and knowledge
We like to get technical at The Analog Playground. When you book a session with us make sure to bring your questions, we are always up for a challenge!


A few words from the owner

“With The Analog Playground we created a space where two worlds of recording get to work together. History and present combined in a relaxed atmosphere, where Analog and digital meet to create outstanding records.”

Huib Schouten


At The Analog Playground

  • “The Playground is a spot with no clocks, where Huib understand what I want artistically, and the result is a track with feel”

    Sjoerd Kraanen • Guitarist
  • “I like it to run my productions through the console and end up with a finished product. The Analog equipment forces me to make a split decision on my mix, cause there is no command Z function.”

    Audio Obscura • Producer
  • “Magnetism and voltage is what adds that extra bit of emotion to my records.”

    The Storks • Music producer


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